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April 25, 2020
Mount Saint Mary's University
Chalon Campus, Los Angeles

The Math/Science Interchange was founded in 1978 by four college math professors as an outgrowth of the activities of the Association for Women in Mathematics in the Los Angeles area. The goals of Math/Science Interchange are:

  • To increase the awareness of young women about career options in math and science
  • To encourage young women to participate in high school math and science courses
  • To provide role models for young women who are interested in math and science, and
  • To provide support for and promote interaction between people employed by industry and education

Today, Math/Science Interchange consists of academic and industry professionals committed to bringing math and science opportunities to young women in the Los Angeles area, particularly those residing in the inner city.

In support of our mission, Math/Science Interchange organizes a yearly conference called Expanding Your Horizons for girls in grades 5-8. The conference brings together professional women from a variety of scientific and engineering fields who lead hands-on workshops on such interesting topics ranging from dissecting pig hearts to investigating crime scenes through science.

M/SI Board of Directors

Ms. Sharon Drummond
Ms. Nicole Henderson-MacLennan
Dr. Elvira Loredo
Ms. Fran Manion
Dr. Christine Nguyen
Dr. Lola Rahib
Dr. Lara Schmidt
Dr. Eleanor Siebert
Ms. Catherine Breese

For more information see Expanding Your Horizons - National (links outside of this site)

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